Yoga for Osteoporosis

"Yoga for Osteoporosis, Osteopenia or Preventive Yoga" was developed by Loren Fishman, MD.  This method teaches a safe, comfortable, yoga practice…modified for the needs of each individual‘s body.  Dr Fishman's 2-year scientific study showed that these 12 poses, done at home in just minutes a day, produced an 80% improvement in bone density scores compared to the non-yoga group.  That is good news!  Science has also proven numerous other health benefits gained from daily yoga practice.

YOGAGE offers a course based on Dr. Fishman’s research.

Goals of the Course: Develop a daily yoga practice at home to improve bone density

The course consists of two private sessions*. 

1. First session: 90 minute Teaching class.  Cost $75. (Includes photos of student holding each pose for home practice - digital format only.)
    ~The completed Health Form must be returned before class. Those with a medical diagnosis of Osteopenia or Osteoporosis must include a copy of your Bone Density Report. 
    ~The student’s goal is to learn the 12 poses, modified for each individual.  
    ~The teacher’s goal is to teach the 12 poses, evaluate the student's needs, and customize a home daily yoga plan.

2. Second session: 60 minute Follow-up class. Cost $50. 
    ~This session is a teacher's review of the student's practice, with the goal of providing feedback to correct student's postures as needed. 

*Further training beyond the 2 initial sessions may be required to develop your personal daily home yoga practice in order to achieve bone density improvement.  Additional classes for continued training cost $50/hour.

This course is available by reservation only

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