Menu of Spa Services

30 minute treatment unless otherwise specified


Ion Spa Foot Bath (45 minutes) $30

Recreates the naturally rich ion settings that are essential to regaining and restoring the body’s balance and energy.


Hand or Foot Massage $30

Stretches, relaxes and smoothes massaged muscles, with the pressure and oils of your choice.   Additional paraffin wax heat treatment optional.


Chair Massage $30

Seated, fully clothed, relaxing massage to shoulder, neck, back and arms, or choose to focus on areas of extreme tension for a therapeutic release.


Mini Hot Stone Back Massage $40

Lying prone on massage table, melting into the comfort of relaxing massage with warm, smooth stones and oils all over the back.


Electro-Therapeutic Point Stimulation (ETPS) $40

“Acupuncture without needles” - pinpoint neuro-muscular therapy.  Frees the body of chronic pain and “knots”.


Raindrop Oils Therapy $50

Lying prone on massage table, with essential oils dripped and massaged along the spine and throughout the entire back for multiple therapeutic effects to the entire body, felt for days afterwards.


Craniosacral Therapy $30

Gentle holding of head, spine and body between therapist’s hands to resolve musculoskeletal, organ, and systemic imbalances and blocks to enhance overall health and comfort.


Add hot paraffin hand or foot wax $5

Dipping hand, foot or elbow into warm wax, which hardens on the body until it has transferred its heat into the skin and muscles, causing soothing release and softness.